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First of I hope very many wastes of time. This goes out to all my online comic buddies who don't read this site.

Top First Posts on Comic Book Creator Message Boards

  • Hi all, I need a logo for my (non-comic book related group) and I thought I'd ask here. I can't pay, but you'll be making a great portfolio piece.

  • Come see my new online comic that's poorly drawn and the humor has to be explained.

  • Greetings. I haven't been drawing in a while but I thought I'd get back into it. Here's some new art, please don't critique as I have a "style" and all talk of anatomy and composition will only be met with childish retorts.

  • Please visit my eBay site so I can help my collection addiction by selling topless drawings of Elektra and Supergirl.

  • Could I get you guys to look at my gallery site and let me know what you think of it? It's on a free web service, so ignore all the banner ads. Also, I'm no good at html or css or any language so the page is a bit simple and hard to get around. Oh, and I won't respond to this post once I submit it. Thanks!

  • Hey Fellow (insert board name here)-ers/ites/ians! Want a great opportunity?? Such and Such Studios has just opened its doors and is now accepting submissions from all skill levels and any kind of story. All we ask is that you send us a full script, at least 20 pages of artwork, and possibly some splash or cover pages before we'll even talk to you. Don't worry that you may see this in print very shortly without your knowledge, credit or payment, that's part of the magic. So don't wait, send us your best stuff now so we can use it before our ISP figures out we're scamming people!

  • I'm a writer and I've had artists back out on my project...(don't even need to add more to that one.)

  • Hi, I'm new, what's the best book to get to learn how to draw? Can I download it? Will it make me better before the Dragon Con?

  • What's the best place to host images for free with unlimited storage and bandwidth usage that allows remote linking? Shortly followed by...

  • How do I display images here?

  • And finally the all important, How do I get an avatar/change my title/put a picture in my signature, question.

Trust me, if you don't read comic book message boards, all this was freakin hysterical.

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