It's actually a job.

I want to set the record straight.

Mrs. Austin runs her own business. Her business is wedding photography. That means on weekends (just about all of them) she is shooting for 5-12 hours a day. The time she's not shooting she's editing photos, answering emails and phone calls, conducting meetings, packaging and shipping albums and doing account maintenance. She works very hard at it.

On top of it, she also does the lion's share of the household duties like bills and cleaning and wrangling.

She does not sit home all day watching TV and chatting on her laptop.

She has no more time to watch sick kids than I do during the day.

Her business is the same as my office job with the exception of the dress code.

When the kids stay home, she loses money and reputation because it's another day she can't do work.

Her being at our house doesn't mean she's at home.

There, that's done. I don't know who out there keeps putting this thought into her head that people don't think she's actually working, but I really wish you would stop. It's making her crazy and me have to hear about the crazy every day. Since she can't explain it to you, she explains it to me like clockwork. So the next person who says, "Well, but she's home all day..." gets a punch in the throat.

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