Rollman Photo Dot Com

Just spent the evening updating the Rollman Photography website.

Behold the informative and insightful bio page!

Marvel at the smooth navigation!

Recoil in sheer awe at the questions which are frequently asked!

In all seriousness, I'm still going through my self teaching program so this is a hodge podge of old HTML, some new XHTML required tags, some CSS2 and some good ol' fashion spit and polish. Mrs. A likes it, so that's all that matters. Plus, clients see this page, so I have to consider this the production level offering and have my little comic page be the sandbox.

Still nothing on the Wordpress thing yet. I've got some tips I got from their forum about the server apps, but finding the time...

Both kids are sick. Gregory's probably got an earache and Rowan has a nice, throaty cough. Luckily, Mrs. A was able to get insurance through the NASE so the kids are covered.

Mrs. A's Expo went pretty well. She did get some bookings and got a lot of phone calls and emails following the event (hence the web update) so we're looking to make a few more house payments.

Yay resourceful mammals!

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