LMA is the big 4.0

Today marks the birth of Little Miss Austin, or Scoot Scoot as Mrs. A likes to call her.

That's right, aging hipsters. For those keeping track. LMA is now four years old. She was born pre 9/11, pre-home ownership, pre-Governor Ahnold, pre-war in Iraq. Here's some things that happened on this day in history.

LMA was awoke this morning with a little carrot cake muffin and a candle and a cup with vanilla milk (her favorite.) Tonight we're going to either Chuck E Cheese or Red Lobster, both her favorite restaurants. (We're pushing for seafood.) She took a couple dozen muffins to school with her to share because her school has this thing about sugar, so cupcakes and cake were out. She wore a nice dress and some new sandals and she was really pretty happy about it being her birthday.

Over the weekend we went to Mrs. A's mom's house (I guess she's Grandma Conroe?) and helped clean the place up a bit. The original plan for Mother's Day was to let Mrs. A go out early, get a hotel by herself so she could sleep alone and late and be luxuriously laid back on Friday, then she and her brother would get to the house to clean, then the kids and I would come out on Sunday. Well those plans got put aside for different reasons and we all ended going out on Saturday morning.

As Mrs. A repeated like a mantra, "This is a bad idea."

There were some low parts of the trip, not least of which was Pilgrim staying up most of the night in the hotel yowling like there was someone slowing removing his toes every 30 minutes. Man that kid doesn't sleep. Still, at almost a year old, he wakes up several times a night. Usually he puts himself back to sleep, but not after screaming for 10-15 minutes. When it's another room you can tune it out, but when he's 10 feet away, it's hard to ignore. I felt bad for anyone in rooms near us because I could hear him 4 doors down in the hallway.


Also, from now on, Pilgrim will be known as Yogi. His favorite car pastime is grabbing both feet and doing the splits while giggling. He, like most babies, just thing chewing on his feet is so much fun. Well, he does it in his sleep now, just grabs a foot and pulls so he's got two feet in the air. I said I was doing to start calling him Dhalsim but Cheryl didn't know who that was (why would she?) so we started calling him Yogi.

Thing about these kids, we call them tons of little pet names. Scooterface, Space Cadet, Pumpkin Butter, Puppy, it's hard to really pick one and stick with it for this page. LMA seems to have been a solid choice, but the little guy, I don't know. Yogi might work. Who knows.

So anyway, this was a non-entry. Just kinda rambled.


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