House Update

We've signed the paperwork to sell our house. It's been a good house to us for these past few years. Nothing really wrong with it, just too small for us now. It'd a be a great house for a couple without kids or newly married looking to start a family, or a family with one kid. Two kids is just too much. It's got a great backyard, good kitchen, nice floors, cool paint jobs on all the rooms. I kind hate to leave it behind, but it's crowded and I want a projector TV.

Anyway, so we made an offer on the new house and the guy flat out said, "No way." So we countered with a slightly higher offer and he thought about it for a day and came back saying ok to that offer, but we'd have to take the Contingency off the table and he was ok with closing on the 22nd of July. The good news is we got a better price off the guy, the bad news is we have to sell our house first before the 22nd or we'll end up having to buy the new house without selling the old one. We'll be able to push the closing back a few weeks, so I don't understand the whole taking the Contingency off the table thing. I mean, what does that get you?

Anyway, we're making our house Sellable now. Our house hasn't been this clean since we moved in and there was no furniture. We've got to take down the family photos, all the clutter, the books, probably a good idea to take down the Legos and comic stuff. Mrs. A did a great job yesterday of cleaning most of the house and doing some work in the backyard. I did what I could, but I had my big toenail removed and I was in a bit of pain. (More on that later. To plagerize a friend, it's the Bride of Goopy Toe.)

So that's what's going on now. Today we'll be doing the kids' rooms and the office as well as the yard, provided this guy shows up. Then our little sign will be in the front yard. *sniff* Kinda sad, but at least we didn't live there for 30 years or something insane.

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