The Redecorating Continues

So this weekend was spent finishing the face lifts on one of the last rooms in the house to be updated. Honestly, I'd still like to do something with the office since most of the stuff in there is considered geek collectible nonsense, so something along the line of Geek Chic I feel would be appropriate. However, I believe the kitchen, realistically will be the last room tackled, then maybe some landscaping. Then we move.

So we finally took a stab at the bedroom. The master bath I got away with a stay of execution by suggesting a coat of paint and some new towel racks, but eventually the sink and bathtub will have to go. It's cool the way it is, but I'm sure Mrs. Austin will tire of it's theme eventually. She'll talk me into it again by offering a trip into outer space or something. But the bedroom was only ever going to be paint. We wanted to do the windows as well, get some blinds or new drapes or some such, but could never really get that going.

All along I wanted to continue with the rest of the house theme of giant bold shapes or stripes, but was voted down on the gold base with large red diamonds for the bedroom. Frankly I think that would have looked like ass so I'm glad we didn't go that route. However, pushing for a brushed look held firm and Mrs. A was integral in deciding on the colors and we went with a gold brush over a tan base. The actual color is Yellowstone, but come on, who needs to know that.

Oh but we're not done yet. As you can see from the furniture, there are black accents involved, so we had to incorporate black into the paint as well. Not satisfied with just doing baseboards and door jambs, we decide it would be very cool to cover the chair rail wallpaper we couldn't peel off with a thick black stripe. It was bold, it was daring, it was risk we were willing to take. Black gloss is not a high seller at Lowe's, especially interior paint. Unless you're opening a night club or you just really love The Cure, there's no incentive to buy it. Hence, there were maybe 3 cans in the whole store. Little cans too. They sat there on the shelf like hesitation stab wounds; not really making the effort, but there just in case someone crazy enough came along shouting "I need an accent to my newly painting room and only shocking black gloss will suffice!"

Seriously, I was nervous. You can tell how a paint will affect a room by how you feel putting it on the brush then onto the wall for the very first time. I thought the gold was bad (and by bad I don't mean it looks bad, just that it was different and scary) but putting black on a wall is almost like dipping a French Fry into a chocolate malt; it's deliciously naughty. So the first swaths went down, then one wall's done, then another, then some base boards, and before you know it, the room is complete. Even the outlets are painted a shiny noir. We added back the black drapes that were recently abandoned in favor of lighter Roman shades, put up some gold framed paintings and voila! Instant Grecian bedding chamber.

It's quite stunning, actually. Not only does it match the furniture, but it makes the room feel cozy, yet bold and decadent at the same time. Something I'm sure we'll get used to, but it makes you want to keep the room clean so you can enjoy the ambiance. Yes, I need incentive like that to keep a room clean, shaddup. Mrs. Austin made the comment that this will be the cleanest this room will ever be, ever.

So this season, I guess some would call it Spring, is wildflower season in Texas. Growing up in Colorado there were two seasons; Winter and those two weeks of Summer. There wasn't really a fall since we'd get snow in late September which would kill all the trees, and then 2 months of Indian Summer until December or January. Then it was cold and snowy until nearly May, sometimes June. Then it just got hot and dry. So to have actual seasons is somewhat of a shock. However, spring is big here. It starts a little earlier with the Cedar Fever around the first of the year, then slowly rolls into a rainy season in which you have 5 minutes to mow your lawn between February and May. But eventually you get wildflowers. The most famous, so much so its the state flower, is the blue bonnets. Come spring break, everyone with a child is stopping along the highways to get their kid into a field of legally protected flaura for a good snapshot to send home to the family in Canada or Mexico or some other place that apparently doesn't have flowers of their own. Our family is no exception. This years crop wasn't as prolific as past years, but there were enough beds to find a nice place to get some Little Miss Austin photos. So without further ado...

Mrs. Austin is doing ok. For those who we've talked to already, you know about the bed rest. For those who don't, someone tell us about pregnant women overheating. The doctors all think it's a virus, but high blood pressure just doesn't make anyone sit well, so we are taking it easy now. The weekend was spent watching hockey, painting and doing laundry. And it looks like we needed to.

So, am I hip now?

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