Stay in your hole Nader.

God, you know, you just can't win for losin'.

Least that's what they say in Texas. There's a lot of phrases that somehow make sense even though they don't, really.

Anyway, moving on. I was just getting excited to have a Democrat start to threaten the current administration, even though the closer we get to the convention, the further to the center they all become, and since nature abhors a vacuum, here comes Ralph Nader. The candidate for the everyman, as long as everyman isn't someone working for a big business so they can pay their SUV note down a bit before trading it in for a Toyota Prius. That's right, you heard me.

But what gets me the most about Nader's choice to run is what everyone's talking about; taking votes away from the Democrats. You might as well just hand the White House back to Bush. But I'm torn, I mean there are ideals the Green Party has that I have, but shit there's also Republican, Democratic and Independent views I agree with. Saint Ralph needs to take a bullet for the team and scurry back to his Ivory Hole before Al Gore beats the stuffing out of him.

And while I'm all riled up, screw you homophobic jackholes. I'm serious. You're looking to amend human rights, not the sanctity of the family, the basic human emotion that craves life long companionship. Republicans would rather continue to allow Federal prisoners to be able to wed while IN PRISON then to allow gay couples of 40+ years to receive benefits and estates and entitlements like straight couples.

So I say again, screw you homophobes. Mayor Newsom is refusing to give up his seat on the bus and if I could fly out there and give him a high five I would. Take out the word 'marriage', call it a Civil Union, call it a freakin Spatula for all I care, but let these loving people, loving TAX PAYERS, receive the same rights we all do.

There was a word for you people 40 years ago, it was racist. I don't care what your Bible, Torah, Quran tells you, you are calling another human being lesser by not allowing them to do what you do and making your religion paramount to the basic entitlements given to us by the framers. Sanctity of Marriage my ass, how about sanctity of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. How about a 50% divorce rate among marriages of one man, one woman. How about equal pay for women and equal protection for minorities. You want the US to be Leave It To Beaver, I just want it to be Leave It Alone Bush. I'm tired of the Right hiding behind a book while they spit in the face of fellow human beings. I'm tired of hearing Republicans state how disturbing the situation is.

I hope Governer Perry did take a cabana boy to the hoop and score. As little as will come out about it, I'd love to smack that into the face of every sanctimonious Rep. from here to Camp David. Because the next time you guys want to tie up Matthew Shepard, make sure to keep a little extra rope, I'm sure there's a lynching somewhere you late for. We're just a few orders to Kinko's for yellow construction paper away from resurrecting the Reich, and if that turns your stomach as much as it does mine...

...keep your freakin votes away from Nader.

That's right.

Otherwise they'll even take your captioning away.

That's right, he's crazy. It's best if you just pretend you're playing a game when he gets like this.

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