Dang my feet hurt.

So there's a 5k run coming up. I want to run it. I've been doing the jogging thing for a few months now and I think I could do it. I won't kid myself and say that I'll be able to run the full distance in 24 minutes, but I think I've built up the endurance to finish before the day is over.

I'll also be running with a couple buddies of mine that range from work out fiend to beer drinker. I have a feeling in order for us to stick together for the whole race, the work out guy will have to settle for a really crappy time, if that's what he's going for. I'm starting to feel, again, like my dad. I remember the family packing into the station wagon and heading out at really God awful times on Saturdays so we could get to the start of the race in time. They all start at 8am for some reason, and missing cartoons was a big deal.

You have to pay to run too, that's the part that gets me. To be official, and numbered and to get the shwag you have to register and pay. It's not bad, and I'm sure the masochists in the audience, in between dominatrix beatings, are saying, "Yeah, so?" So we'll see how it goes. It's next week and I'm going to kick up my running a little to get ready for it, since I found out about it about 8 1/2 weeks to late to start officially training.

Lil Miss Austin's face is changing. (no pics today, sorry)

That's was Mrs. Austin said this morning. She's slowly becoming a little girl, less a toddler. Toddler seems like such a brief age. I'm only now getting out of the habit of calling her "the baby" and moving toward "the kid." "Oh I can't go drinking, I gotta pick up the kid." But toddler, that's like, the period between being able to vote and being able to drink, almost a none period. Another made up age group. (If you haven't noticed, that's a problem. I'm looking to the Democrats to fix this.)

Physiology aside, she's doing pretty well in school and what not. I've never spent a full day with her, but I'm guessing there's a lot of playing in the dirt outside, a nap maybe, then some activities involving construction paper, liberal amounts of glue and more than a few contributions by the teachers. Lately she's tired on the way home so I think at the very least the playing is going well. She's also in what I'd consider a group. There are 4-5 kids, all around the same age, that hang out together. Hang out. You know, shoot some pool for 20's while drinking pitchers, then off to downtown to roll their own smokes and poke at bums. Hang out. Two white boys, an asian boy and a little white girl. Perfect gang. I can just see it now.

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