Good eggs need bacon grease.

So far the new diet has been going well. If you take a look at the sampling of food in the above image, that's actually my breakfast. Few pieces of real bacon, two eggs cooked in the grease left from the bacon, Atkins bread ($6, HEB, not kidding) and real butter. Wash it down with some decaf coffee, with Sweet 'n' Low and a few spoon fulls of whipped cream.

Yeah, this is a diet.

And guess what, I can have this EVERY SINGLE DAY!! So, not a bad thing, you might think. Well you might be wrong. After a couple weeks of this nonsense I'm about ready to kill my family for a freaking glass of juice or an apple or a bagel with cream cheese. Don't get me wrong, this plus the running and I've lost 10 pounds in just over two weeks. I am just getting pretty tired of naked chicken wings, bunless hamburgers, italian sausage with no sauce or pasta. I've learned a lot from this new structure, how to count carbs and calories and sugars. It'll be helpful, I'm sure. But as soon as I'm done here, I'm gonna get a Coke.

Something else I've had fun working on lately has been our web server. (I say "our" because it hosts the pictures for the family site here as well as the comic book site. I'm sure Mrs. Austin would say it's 5% hers, 95% mine. That 5% she's splitting with Lil Miss Austin too by the way.) The web server has been just so much fun to work on. It's almost a guarantee that there will be down time, I even have a clock to show how much precious temporal juice this thing has left. By my calculations, all these photos and images have about 3 1/2 weeks until they disappear for another 4-5 days.

I do have the resurrection down to a science. Once the thing falls apart, I've jumped it enough times to know how to get it back up and running. It's the things that pop up in the meantime that make you crazy. It's like that game where you're going on a picnic and take an Apple. I'm going on a picnic and I'm taking and Apple and a Basket. Apple, Basket, Carrots. Apple, Basket, Carrots, Dingo...and on and on. Well at this point I'm going on a picnic and I'm taking you all down with me because if one more thing goes wrong with this, I'm going to hire a hitman to take the machine into a field and have it put down execution style.

Mrs. Austin continues to do "pleh" with the pregnancy. For every warm and snuggly moment where she breaks down and buys a new stuffed animal and a blanket, there are 47 moments of falling, aching, not sleeping, eating weird, not eating at all and being iritable. So, pretty much normal. Lil Miss Austin is getting to be a BIG WHINER. Man, I haven't heard this much nasal in speech patterns since The Nanny went off the air in '99. I'm sure there could be more things I could complain about, or report on, but this little nugget has stuck in my brain like a commercial jingle because that's what I'm hearing all the time. She can't sit for 2 minutes without that dipthong "Da-addy" removing the marrow from my bones. She's at that funny age when she still requires a lot of attention, but is pretty self sufficient. It ends up looking like she's both starved for attention and doted over. Who knows. I'm pretty sure that I've got it all figured out, just in time for a second one. Oh yeah, I've got this parenting thing licked.

All of you who are laughing may leave now.

To give you an indication of how things can go from really serious to downright silly, I'd like you to meet Wilson Fruit. Wilson Fruit is the product of 3 people living in a 1400 sq ft house all being within the same 3 sq ft right around dinner time. At dinner time we have to figure out a way to feed a 2 year old, a vegetarian and an Atkins diet. Plus we've all just returned home from work and school, 2 of us need naps, the other needs a foot, back, face, tummy rub, and we're all just grumpy.

So out comes Wilson Fruit. Wilson Fruit made us laugh, cry, scream with joy and jump up and down with excitement. Wilson Fruit, sporting the spikey hair and bugged out eyes, is giving us his pattened Cheerio Pout, something Little Miss Austin is trying very hard to perfect herself.

Wilson Fruit came at a time when everyone was on each other's nerves and was about to snap. It would have been another long evening of yelling, time outs and slamming doors, but luckily, we had Wilson Fruit to break up the monotony of the every day homelife and help us remember that we can laugh, even if it's at food we can't eat.

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