Just a quick update. As much as we all like to think that this site has nothing to do with Mr. A's comic book site, it in fact does and you can now see that by trying to locate any of the recent photos on this site.

Rest assured I'm doing all I can to resolve the situation. I moved web servers from Pepperjack's hosting to my own server and the DNS lookup may take up to 72 hours, so give it some time. Plus I'll have to make sure I don't have to edit ALL of these entries to reflect the new address. (That last part is going to be a nightmare if it is.)

So that's about it. Mrs. A starts her new job today as bringer of technology to uneducated and sick children everywhere. It's both noble and lucritive, we applaud you.

Saw the game last night. Yes, yes, I saw that too. Couldn't help it. Even if I didn't I couldn't help but hear about it the next day, could I?

Oh well. Good game though. I have a friend that thinks it was TOO good, that somehow the league, unimpressed with viewer ratings and getting wind of the "fans" saying they're watching for the commercials, concocted an elaborate scheme to make sure the game ended with a field goal in the last 4 seconds.

Still no cure for cancer.

Pictures will be back soon, promise.

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