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Oh goodness, let's see. What's gone on since we last checked in.

G-man has been registered for kindergarten. Later this month he'll be 5. LMA just turned 8 and will be going to third grade next year. In addition to the Destination Imagination, LMA also participated in the Texas Math Pentathlon, in which she earned a medal and scored the best on her team. She did quite well.

We've decided not to move just yet. Partly because we can't find the exact house we'd need and partly because the property owner and management company have yet to get us an extended lease agreement. So Ms. A and Miss LA and I (to a small extent) have been shaking the house over a sieve and making it livable for a while longer. We've switched rooms, painted, de-baby-toyed the play area, moved computers and desks and repaired broken or nagging items. I won't lie, Ms. A has been doing the bulk of it.

Just last night she got a canopy for the back porch and solar tinting for the back windows in an effort to lower our energy bills. I helped by putting up the tint and sweeping up some of the glitter LMA and G-man spilled on the porch that has now been tracked throughout the house.

The dogs are both getting along, my Lego is all nicely sorted, (though I still have much to get done) and school is nearly over for LMA. She performed last night at her school's Night At The Movies event; a 30 minute program where the second graders put on a small show about movies, complete with abridged songs and a costume or two. LMA had a speaking part and she was very charming. She's also doing very well with her grades, all in the upper 90's and last report had 100 in science.

Ms. A is meeting people today to start work on being a foreign exchange student placement coordinator, which could be a great thing for her. Miss LA interviewed earlier this week to be an artistic coordinator for, I believe, Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Texas so wish them both good luck. My job has been going along, no change. Still a lot to do and it always changes and I receive both adequate recognition and proper scolding to keep me in line. Nothing new to report there.

Couple little online bits, since I'm very into the online world. Robot Portraits is still going. I just had my last one go out so if you want one, now's the time to order it. I plan on doing more 700 Robots but experimenting with watercolors. The 100 Artists Project has yet again fizzled out. I have help this time around, but there's just no interest and I don't know how I could have spent two years working on it and have no momentum. The sketchbooks are still out, so might as well try to finish those. Though if that's all I'm doing, I'm going to stop paying for a web site. I'm still writing reviews for Television Zombies, but my shows are all off season now. I'd been doing Fringe, Dollhouse and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. They'll all be back in the fall. I may be doing some work with the TVZ people on their site to help them out, so we'll see.

A few odd commission jobs and a couple really neat ideas for Lego builds should keep me occupied over the summer. I don't know what the kids' are doing yet. We thought of doing a camp for LMA at least, but that hasn't been finalized. And yes, to all the people in Colorado, I will TRY to visit with at least one child over the summer, but I can't promise anything.

That's all for now, carry on.

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