Foreign Exchange

Ms. A is working with a company that places foreign students in American homes. I don't know that it's a strict exchange like you have a kid and you trade for another kid for a school year.

Regardless, she is now in charge of finding homes for kids for a full school year. She will be getting kids from Germany, Thailand, Serbia, Montenegro, and China. Most of the kids will be from Germany. This would be a great opportunity for families with young children or whose children have left home and those looking for a great exchange of cultural ideas, customs and traditions.

If you have or know a family within about 100 miles of Austin, TX who is willing to take a student in for a school year, please contact Ms. A and she'll provide you with all the details.

Also, please pass this along to anyone you can. The more families we find, the more students we can bring to the US for a school year. Thank you, carry on.

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