Happy Birthday Gregory

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Today 102 years ago, Marion Michael Morrison was born. He's otherwise known as The Duke, John Wayne. 22 years ago, Star Wars debuted.

And five years ago, Gregory Powell Rollman was born.

I don't remember much about being five. I remember bits and pieces of things that happened around that time, but it's hard to say if I was three or seven. I hope G-man has better luck remembering his life because it's a good one.

G-man is loved by a lot of people. His mom and dad and Miss LA all care for him quite a bit. I think his mom may love him the most, though. He didn't go to day care like his sister, and so Ms. A has taken it upon herself to not only stay home and care for him, but teach him as well. Where Lil Miss Austin got the brains, G-man got the charm. He's a crazy little ham who would rather give you a hug and make a crazy sound than most anything else in the world.

Except play Lego Star Wars, that boy is addicted to Lego Star Wars. It's all he wants to do and he wants me to play with him all the time. When he's not playing that game, he's asking me if he can play with my Lego in my room.

So G-man turns five today. He'll have a nice summer with his big sister and best friend and then come August he'll be in kindergarten and we plan on getting a lot of notes saying that all he wants to do is hug people and make funny noises.

Happy Birthday little dude.

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