Robots Still Kickin'

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Just as I get a big commission and offer to help out a friend on his comic and start filling in for the production manager on ASJ41, THAT'S when I get 3 robots from one person and 2 from another.

All my freelance friends will say, "Feast or Famine." "Flood or drought." And I know this, it's the same with everything.

The faerie drawing is done, but I haven't heard back from the client. I've had so much to do in such a short time I haven't been able to do the "mess around" things like the rest of the 700 Robots. But that's a blessing, it's all paid work. I just wish it didn't come due all the same week.

On a different note, my friends and family know about my Bob Cartwheel story so I thought I'd share because I have moments like it rather regularly. A few years ago I made public a revelation I had. I finally tied together the acrobatic move "the cartwheel" and the actual cartwheel, the wheel on a horse drawn cart.

Now, think about it before you poke fun. Growing up since the 40's or 50's, have we had a need to think that the cartwheel was in fact the wheel of a cart or the gymnastic move? Growing up, I associated the term more with the move than the wheel. Couple that with understanding certain athletic moves were named after the people who pioneered them, I just assumed after a fashion that the term "cartwheel" was coined after someone who did it in the Olympics or something. My family loves this story. "Oh," they laugh, "You mean like Bob Cartwheel?"

Yes, that's exactly it. I mean, with things like Fosberry Flop, Lutz, Salchow spinning around, and with no real life reference to a cartwheel outside of what all the kids were doing on the playground, isn't it feasible that there was confusion? I'm not looking to excuse my idiocy, but surely there are some things like that that confuse people? German Chocolate Cake? Nothing to do with Germany. Evolution? We didn't evolve FROM monkeys, it's a long line with a common ancestor. Religious? Adam and Eve never ate an "apple" but a Fruit of Knowledge. These are all fine and dandy, but I have the epiphanies more like, "Oh, cigarette is small cigar."

So, I'll be open and honest about my lack of understand towards words and their meanings if you do the same, dear reader.

Carry on.

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