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Mrs. A and LMA went out to Conroe for the weekend to see Mrs. A's parents and other errands. That left me and G-man to take a lazy weekend of video games and TV.

I had planned to letter a couple pages of a comic, draw some sketches for another commission, do some robot drawings, laundry, cleaning, do some work from home for my day job, but it just didn't happen.

G-man and I just cooled it. We both played video games (he on NickJr.com and me on the PC for about a half hour.) I watched a couple movies when he was in bed and we both watched a lot of cartoon together and wrestled on the floor.

I also spent a large amount of time fighting with my internet connection. 10am Saturday I wanted to remote into my work and do an upgrade but as soon as I kicked it off I lost connection and it didn't come back until almost 5pm that night. The rest of the weekend was spent reseting routers and dealing with connections so slow I thought for sure I had a 14.4 modem. It was sad.

So we went to a local coffee shop, got cheese sandwiches and burgers and shakes and tatter tots at Sonic and capped it off with a lunch date at Chuck E. Cheese.

I also spent most of my time since Friday with a sinus headache. I don't know what tripped it, but I'm sure the constant rain and high humidity hasn't helped. So after a while of trying to maintain focus on projects and work I just decided it wasn't worth making my head hurt more and the cocktail of ibuprofen and Sudafed wasn't doing the trick. It wasn't a bad weekend, I just wish I could have got more done.

Mrs. A and Lil Miss Austin had a good weekend as well, but you'll have to email her and ask her about it, they haven't got home yet so I don't know exactly how good. I'm sure it'll all go back to normal tomorrow, back to the rut. Next weekend is a company picnic and we might go to a place called Valente Beach in Austin. I've always been afraid of the place, but it's got slides and water and the kids love swimming so we'll see.

I also spent a lot of time watching Doctor Who and Torchwood episodes online. I know, shame on me. Buy the DVDs you cheapskate. Oh I will, I like the shows enough, but I just couldn't stop. The last few Doctor Who's all tied together and I couldn't just leave it. I'm fully caught up on season 3 now and it hasn't even aired in the US yet. I also watched some Tour de France, last couple stages. The Spaniard on the Discovery Channel Team won. Yeah I know. Doctor Who and Tour de France. No I didn't watch any NASCAR.

That's all for now. There's thunder over head and the dog doesn't like it. It's been raining off and on today and the thunder's been around since about 3. I heard that Austin is out of drought condition for the first time in over a decade. I'll be going to Lowes to pick up 300 cubits by 50 cubits by 30 cubits of wood.

Carry on.

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