What Fame Brings You

In 20 years I want to be able to randomly look on internet auction sites and see something I drew for someone is fetching $14,500.

Ironically, Crumb either drew this for fun (as it was never used for the magazine) or if he was commissioned I'm sure it wasn't for $14k.

This brings up a lot of emotions for me. I've done simple one-off drawings like this for people and have never seen anything after I send it. I don't see the book it goes in and the person stops replying to emails. It's kind of sad to think that either I'm being taken advantage of or the project only lived long enough to get one artist.

So my hope is that some day, after drawing robots and hoboes and seemingly meaningless little toons and ash can comics that some day they'll be worth something to someone. I suppose that would mean I'd have to be famous first, but that's just details.

Carry on.

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