Birthday and Vacation

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I think the funniest part about the birthday of someone who spends a lot of time online is the amount of emails you get from all the message boards on which you've signed up.

I was up till about 1am hanging out with Mrs. A and reading and stuff and at about 11pm I started getting them.

"Happy Birthday from all of us here at WhateverTheHell.com"

The best one was from Penciljack. Five other guys and I run the site and so basically I wished myself a Happy Birthday. It was pretty funny.

Next week LMA and I will be going up to Denver. Transformers opens Tuesday and I'll be seeing it Wednesday with my brother. Plus I haven't seen my family in a while and it'd be nice to go see them for a change instead of them coming to us. I could use a bit of time away as well - I don't remember the last time I had a vacation, I think it was the cruise before G-man was born.

I'll take pictures and update the site for all my readers, although I'll be seeing most of you while I'm on the trip, so I guess it'll be like wishing yourself a Happy Birthday.

Carry on.

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