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I've been reading Fark for about five years now I guess. My "membership" says 2002, but I was pretty sure I was reading it before that. Doesn't matter. Over the last few years, I've done my part and submitted dozens and dozens of headlines. Some repeats, some I thought were both topical, timely and clever, but for some reason didn't make the cut.

Here are the last three months of missed opportunities. (These numbers are how many TotalFark people commented on it before it was axed.)

2007-06-15: Hamas dissolves Palestinian government (5)
2007-06-14: Let the Summer of TB Scares begin (2)
2007-06-13: " All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination. " (0)
2007-06-12: Not News: Soldier goes missing. News: During a training exercise. Fark: At Fort Hood, TX (1)
2007-06-11: Texas governor passes bill reminding people that there is an amendment to the Constitution. You know, that first one (0)
2007-06-11: Scratch-off tickets sell better in poorer areas. Match three Romero heads for $50 (0)
2007-06-10: Napolean's sword sells for $6.4 million. It would have been more but it was a short sword (0)
2007-06-10: An eye for art; Austin artist has first show after battling eye cancer (0)
2007-06-08: This story of Machete Man versus Ten Bullets brought to you by Corpus Christi, Texas (0)
2007-06-07: The true origins of the LOLCats (7)
2007-05-17: The Matrix of Leadership has passed to Michael Bay (1)
2007-05-17: Flickr member finds her photos being sold illegally. Fights company, writes about experience and has subsequent blog photo deleted by Flickr. Do you Yahoo? (0)
2007-05-11: Austin City Limits Festival line up announced. Weird Man, White Stripes headlining (0)
2007-05-08: Reminder, USPS postal rates increase on Monday, May 14th. Also on that day, the cost of stamps will go up (0)
2007-04-09: Laptop thieves' images uploaded to Flickr. The MacBook was brought online on August 4th, 1997 (0)
2007-04-05: Coach G now with the Lady Longhorns, when asked for comment she responded, "Duke sucks." (2)
2007-03-27: ...and you do get the artwork (0)
2007-03-27: Austin slowly turning into Houston. Your dog wants culture (2)
2007-03-27: Texas Gov. Perry (R - Ick) signs bill ensuring citizens don't have to retreat before defending themselves. French signatories absent from legislation (6)

Why am I posting this? Because I'm weird and so far no one has tried to stop me.

Carry on.

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