House Update and fun things.

It a twist of fate, the people we're buying the house from won't be able to close on June 30th because they haven't decided on a new house yet.

Let me remind you that these were the same people who didn't want to wait until July 22nd and so we had to remove the contingency portion of our offer. Their reasoning was they didn't want to have to wait for our house to sell.

The realtor's words were, "They can't agree on a house." So they have a couple in mind, but are being finicky.

It makes me want to hurt people.

Here are the reasons why this makes me nervous and upset. First, most people will close close to the ends of the month. Since June 30th is out, it's now July 31st. June 30th, other than being my birthday, would have been perfect due to the following three day weekend. Good time to move.

Second, the Chicago convention is the 4th of August. Let's say we now close on the 31st, which is Sunday. That means we have to move Mon, Tuesday and Wednesday, days we have to take off of work, because Thursday we're leaving town. When we get back, it'd be to a house that's not unboxed.

Now, if they are cool and decide that the original close date of the 22nd works out better, then we have a good week buffer before things get crazy.

The final reason being, these guys were so anxious to sell their house they wouldn't entertain a contingency offer AND the price was so low as to almost ensure a quick sell BUT they didn't have a new house lined up yet. I don't think they planned this well, I don't.

So, not moving on my birthday probably unless they find a house tomorrow, and even then it's not likely. Plus now we have to pay a months mortgage to our buyers as rent, if they fly with that. Knowing how things are progressing, I wouldn't be surprised if our buyer said, "Nope, sorry. My place out. Hit the skids, people!"

So we're in the computer room sorting through documents, when Mrs. A opens up an old envelope from my last company. After looking and looking and several explatives, she hands the check -that's right, the check- to me and says, "We should open the mail more often." Turns out I had two checks sitting in a pile of tax information. They totaled roughly $1,300.

I don't know why they were sitting there. I had direct deposit and the pay stubs I received were handed to me. These came in the mail, at the end of Janurary. I probably assumed they were tax documents. Low and behold I think I was just cashed out of my vacation. Had I opened those earlier I wouldn't have had to sell my body back in April.

Yeah, I didn't raise any money with that.

So with our new found liquidity, we got a new washer and dryer and a Dyson Ball. The washer and dryer were a must. We'd been clinging to a dryer Mrs. A's brother lent us over 5 years ago and a washer we got at a scratch and dent from Best Buy. It was time to trade up. The dryer didn't run well if we vented it outside (like you're supposed to) so it just blew lint everywhere. Aside from being a huge fire hazard, I think we had a few unwanted guests using the little outside entrance.

The vacuum is amazing. First off, the color scheme is wonderful. I may use it to revamp my web sites. Next, it seems very well put together. Finally, it could suck the chrome off a tail pipe. We filled the damn thing up just going over a rug. It should be a wonder in the new place with all that carpet. It's a very exciting purchase. The wonder-hoover we have now couldn't pick up anything larger than a proton and smelled of burning dog hair, so I'm glad, again, we were able to trade up.

Moral of the story, open your mail.

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