Ah, normal life. How I've missed you.

Amidst the hullabaloo of house buying and selling and business running and comic book making, it's hard to remember that you have to deal with normal things in life.

Normal thing one: Traffic violations.

That's right, three Austin Police were waiting for scofflaws like me at a bottle neck where a road dead-ends onto a feeder and you have to stop and wait for traffic. Perfect place to be yanked out of line and told your stickers expired, two weeks ago.

Really, I got a ticket for a two week old expired tag, the other tag is current. For those living outside Texas, we have two windshield stickers: One is the vehicle registration (current) the other is the safety inspection (expired). In Colorado, your "tags" were on your rear plate so cops could bust you from behind (naughty, don't go there) but in Texas, they're both on the windshield. I'm not sure if emissions and safety inspection are the same thing. Mrs. A seems to think they're not, but I'm too lazy to follow up.

Normal thing two: Sick kids.

Man, these kids are ill, and not like the Beastie Boys. Lil. Mr. Austin just keeps finding new ways to make his mom freak out. Yesterday we thought he had pink eye because his eyes were gooey and he was running a little fever. I took the day off, ran to the Doctor and found out he was fine...

...except for that ear infection that hasn't gone away...

...and that heart murmur.

That's right, heart murmur. Now don't panic, it's not a major deal. The doctor said she's not a train pediatric cardiologist so we'll have to get Yogi checked out, but she said it was enough to cause her to tell us about it.

That and his ears are keeping up awake at night. Lord, let it be his ears and not some crazy sleep pattern. He's on antibiotics, still, for his ears. He's up every hour until about 4am and then you have to grab him by his ankles and swing him around till his head hits a door before he wakes up...because he's exhausted from staying up all night.


Normal thing number three: Sports.

To me, there are no sports until hockey comes back, so I have to watch basketball. I just wanted to point out that just because I live in Texas, doesn't make me an automatic Spurs fan. I like the Spurs if they're playing anyone else, but I like the Pistons better. I'm glad they won last night.

No new house info as of yet. We had another appraiser come by last night which made me a little nervous. How many of these things are required? I sure hope nothing bad happens.

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