Come to paradise, mon.

This is a quick entry. Yes I realize it's been almost a month. Yes I realize you are all waiting on pins and needles for the next update filled with pith and pictures. Guess what, you'll have to wait longer.

There are some bullet points of note:

- Mrs. Austin effectively quit her job to stay home with Pilgrim. He's doing much better than he was, but he's not 100% and she's taking an extended leave of absence to stay home with him. She'll use this time to bond and play and hang out. She'll also be doing some much needed Mrs. A time by getting her fingers dirty working with photography. She's got a few weddings and other engagements under her belt. I hope she does well and enjoys the "time off." (You may laugh at that phrase now.

- Little Miss Austin hasn't changed much in a month. She's starting to pick up different phrases that I don't think either Mrs A. or I use, so it's still keeps us on our toes. We're trying to get her into dance and gymnastics through school.

- My job is still the same. It's in a new building and hopefully the cord will be cut soon and I can start focusing more on the daily tasks. I'm also supposedly volunteering my time toward creating quarterly themes for the business model. Don't ask, it involves Photoshop and my limited web skills so who am I to complain.

- My comic stuff is plodding along. I've finally nailed down a plot for this latest secret project, more about that later.

- Finally, Mrs. A and just got back from St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. There are many stories to tell, maybe soon I'll be able to write them all. In the mean time, here are the photos that don't involve the wedding. There are wedding photos, but I'll let the Missus deal with that. These are the fun pics. For the most part they are unedited, save for the resize so you're little 800x600 monitors don't esplode.

That's all for now. More later.

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