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With the pregnancy now just a memory, I'm no longer in the role of burly protector. It was nice to feel like I was rippling with muscles and adorned with warpaint as I strode boldly ahead of the caravan fending off all threats to my family. In reality I was just walking around in a fog doing whatever it was to keep Mrs. A from hating me or life or whatever was on TV.

Now it's just day to day again with a new born. It's 15 diapers a day, crying, screaming, no sleep, and that's just me. I no longer have to worry about what Mrs. Austin is lifting or if she's eating enough or too much or not getting enough water or enough sleep or taking her medicine. Lil Miss Austin is to the point where verbal communication is almost 100% affective. You can ask her to do something and she'll do it, making her pretty self sufficient, making my job less important. I'm back to being a jungle gym. No war paint, no rippling muscles, no caravan of needy prospectors.

It's sad. It's double sad because this will be the last kid so that sense of macho protector is fleeting and will probably not be rekindled again in my life time, barring some actual threat like a home invasion. Mrs. Austin is strong and right now is all Giblets needs. Lil Miss Austin can open all the doors she needs to and get at all the survival items crucial to her continued thriving. This leaves me with my art and fantasies of being Rick Hunter, flying a veritech fighter against the Zentraedi invasion. Yeah, I'm not proud of that.

What I am proud of is my family. As sappy as that sounds, I am. I'm proud of my new son who can already roll over after only 2 weeks. I'm proud of my going back to school and career minded wife. I'm proud of my lighting quick 3 year old who's progressing at a rate that will require she gets some smarter parents by the time she's in 1st grade. Yeah, this wasn't about much this time around, sorry about that. I know you fine folks rely on the insight and clever banter to get you through the week. My only hope is one day I can accomodate you with animation and sound. Maybe reading emails we get. Maybe as a character, something funky, like a little guy wearing a mexican wrestling mask and boxing gloves. Who knows.

Maybe I should just post some pictures and shut up.

Grandma and Great Aunt visiting the Austinstead.

I really shouldn't have more kids.

And she's worried about being a good parent...p'shhh!

First cousin once removed? Twice removed? Second cousin? Aw screw it, let's watch TV.

You know, I'm not too sure about all these people.

I'd like to pimp a little art, speaking of. I'm really proud of this piece that I did as a fan pic for the comic The Walking Dead. It didn't get the reaction I was hoping for. I mean, most of the PJers liked it, which was a first in itself, but I just wanted more. It's selfish I know, but I really worked on this piece a lot and not only did the creator kind of give me a form response, I haven't heard from my comic buds about it. I don't know, I'm asking too much. I feel I'm drifting from the online community. There are a few cliques and I don't feel I'm involved in any of them. I don't hang out with people that draw, I don't communicate with people online that draw like me. I don't collect and have the knowledge that these other guys do, so I feel like an outsider. This drawing was my shot at trying to break into one of the cliques and I think I may have either been too late, or been too obvious. Either way I'm too old to worry about it now. I'll keep drawing slowly while everyone else I know becomes successful and famous.

Wow, didn't mean to go off like that. Mrs. Austin always knows when I'm passionate about something by how much I talk about it, because most of the time I don't have an opinion about shit. I must have an opinion about this. I wish we all had more time to do what we wanted. I wish I had more people I could work with in comics. Blah blah blah.

Back to you.

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