I got up early this morning and got myself and the Space Cadet dressed and sauntered to the theater nearest me for the 10 a.m. showing of Fahrenheit 9/11. I figured that since it was so early in the morning and it was a Friday that not only would I not have a problem finding a parking spot, that I'd have my pick of seats in the theater and if the little one happened to get fussy in the middle of the movie at most he'd be disturbing a handful of people. I couldn't have been more wrong.

The theater was packed. If I hadn't been going alone I'd have had a hard time finding two seats together. As it was, I sat very near the front and Little Mr. Austin slept through most of it, except for the parts where people in the theater were cheering, booing, or clapping. It felt like a Democratic convention in there. I was so proud to be at the very first showing in the Austin area today. Being surrounded by like-minded people didn't bring it on but being surrounded by people that care about the direction our country is headed did. It felt patriotic sitting in a theater watching a movie bashing our current administration. Ironic huh? I can honestly tell you that I don't care how those people vote in the November election, I just hope they all vote. It is hard to imagine that anyone paying $8 a ticket ($5 for the 10 a.m. show) wouldn't go vote after seeing this. Actually, it is hard to imagine anyone that sees this won't walk away with a passionate opinion either for or against Bush and either way is fine by me.

I think it is evitable that some people will rush to the defense of the President now. That's great. What I want to happen is for the country to get all fired up about politics. I want people to get passionate about what they believe and stand up for it. I want people to go vote. I couldn't be happier that Michael Moore has pulled this off and started such a great debate.

I'll be honest. I haven't read any of Moore's books nor have I seen any of this other films. This gives me an advantage of not really having an opinion about his work. I think if I had any opinion of Michael Moore it would taint the way I approached this film. As it is, I consider him to be a great conspiracy theorist and political provocateur. I'm very glad that Moore found a way (through Canada) to get the film released just before the 4th of July. I'm even happier that it will be released on DVD before the election. I can almost guarantee that I'll be sending out some to select friends of mine as soon as possible before Super Tuesday.

I know this is a long rant. Sorry for the lack of actual movie review content. I figured that every one and their dog will be reviewing the movie and I thought perhaps if I didn't give you any spoilers you might actually see two movies this year. One can hope.

Mrs. Austin.

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