Well it's done. After 3 months of staying up late, getting pissed that some pages weren't as nice as I wanted and finally getting a great deal on printing, my comic book is finally finished. Next to being a dad, this trip to Chicago is probably the most importan thing I've done or probably will do and it wasn't an easy road. The family's made a lot of sacrifices, financially and emotionally to help make this happen and I owe them big time, especially Mrs. Austin who almost had to put off going back to school to get this going. We've had to put off a few fun things this summer and I've had to postpone my brother's birthday present as well. (I'm getting that to you by the way.)

I've learned a lot doing this, mostly in the art department. I've learned I CAN draw fast if I need to and that if I didn't need to I could do a really good job. I've learned a lot about lighting and mass and points of view. Most importantly I've learned the value of having friends and family. Between them I've been given time to work, gracious bits of work and inspiration and constant coaching and critiques that have helped make this the best it could be in the time given. I'm DEFINITELY looking forward to starting the book as a series now, making it my life's work as well as my hobby. I don't plan on quitting my job, but it's nice to have something other than a rat-race 9-5 to come home to. By this time next year I may even have a full 26 page color book. Wouldn't THAT be something.

So now I've got a box full of 100 copies of Project: Gemini sitting on my kitchen table. Some are going to a party tonight so I can bask in the limelight a little, the bulk are going to Chicago with other bits of artwork and whatever's left is going to the local comic shops. (Yeah, a book on the shelves even, how exciting!)

I'm also glad it's done, I've been slacking on chores and time with the family. Life In Austin has lately turned into Life of Mr. Austin so I hope that will change too. As much as I like drawing comics, I can't let it rule my life...yet. When it pays well enough to take care of my family, then it can do what it wants to me.

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