As you know Mrs. Austin and I try to take time on the weekends to do all things Austin, or at least all things Central Texas. We have a guide book from Austin Monthly Magazine that comes out in May of each year chronicling the cool things to do. Well it's gone. Our oracle of knowledge about the 103 best things to do in our fair city is missing. Whatever shall we do? We'll be relegated to movies and bowling and never again experience the rapture that is swimming in a secluded spring or enjoying fine German cuisine.

It's not all that bad, but we're a little disheartened. Mainly because we turned our house upside down looking for them. (There are two, one from last year as well.) There was no stone left unturned, which leads us to one sad conclusion. The books were taken.

Now I'm not one to point fingers, so I won't. They're just magazines and we can back order more. But if turns out someone did abscond with them at some point in the past 2 weeks, how low. How low to remove a magazine from someone's house. We wracked our brains trying to think if we'd lent them to somebody at work or family, but just couldn't make any connections. They were on the table, now they're gone.

Yeah, not a lot going on at our house lately. Can you tell?

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