Quick entry because my arms are killing me. A guy from work owns a boat and yesterday I went out with them on Lake Travis. (Lake Travis, for those who don't live here, is basically the Colorado River that's damned up at various points along the way. When I say Colorado River, it's not The Colorado River that cuts through the Grand Canyon. Why there are two, I don't know. Any way, the lake country is some of the most beautiful in Texas and has a lot of activities and parks and day trip ideas to choose from.

Most people, though, just take their boat out on the "lake" or the wide river that goes through Austin called Town Lake. We had to work on Saturday till about noon doing absolutely jack for 4 hours and then were invited to go out on this guy's boat. It was fun and relaxing. I haven't been on a boat since I moved from CO. We used to go waterskiing all the time on Standley Lake with a friend of my dad's and those were heady days, my friend. Up at the asscrack of dawn, gas up the boat, buy some beer/cokes and donuts and hit the water. You get out early enough and the water is like glass, much easier to ski on. As the day goes on and either the wind picks up or more boaters come out, the water gets choppy.

So the water wasn't great yesterday right near the boat launch so we cruised up about 30 minutes past the 360 bridge and towards Mansfield Dam. It was here that the water dropped to about 70°, it was pretty chilly. So a few jumps in, a few runs on the wake board (which I've never done, but got up on the 3rd try, which according to the other guys is pretty amazing) and a game of spades over beer later, I'm burnt to a crisp. I didn't realize until I got home, but I'm pretty pink right now, and it's a lot of fun to have a two year old jump all over you with a sunburn. Not to mention that my forearms are killing me while I'm typing this. I'm supposed to be drawing right now, but I don't think the muscles in my arms would allow that for any length of time.

But, for having to go in to the office on a Saturday, it wasn't a bad trade off.

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