That's what we did on Father's Day. Pee without a diaper. Well I didn't, I'm not allowed to do that anymore, police injunction says so. This weekend was not so much focused on celebrating dad's all over the country or even in my family as much as it was celebrating that Lil Miss Austin knows how to pee in a glorified cup. Let me tell you, this is probably the best present she could have given me. LMA ran around for most of the weekend wearing nothing but here little sandles and a smile. I tried to do the same thing, but I thought the neighboors might object when I'd step outside for a smoke.

Yes, we're both very proud of her. Two, maybe three accidents all weekend. We did ask every 5 minutes if she had to go, but when she had to, and then did, man did we erupt in praise and smiles and admiration. Couple more weeks of this and she can officially no longer be called a baby, although she will always be our baby girl. It's hard though, we spent all 48 hours together and that was just dandy, but I'm worried about her going back to school. The teacher's have their own agenda and needs and duties, so my leaving a note saying "Little Miss Austin is working on potty training now so please ask her often if she has to go" is probably either going to fall on deaf ears and into the round file, or spark some "We know what we're doing" debates when I pick her up. I've seen her in school climb up on the lu and pretend to go, whether she goes or not during the course of the day can only be answered by that teacher who's name I don't know.

So in the end it was a good weekend, nothing special yet special at the same time. The wife called in "quality time." I've heard the term but really didn't know what it felt like to have it happen to me, and I only realized it after it was done. I'd always gone LOOKING for quality time, and usually ended up taking a nap.

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