Just an update for those that read this that I haven't already told.

I drew the picture for Bob S. and Mrs. Austin went to his show at Antone's to give it to him. Long story short, he liked it and said he'd be in touch. I think he was probably being polite, you have to for your fans. Personally the picture really lacks most things I've been working so hard on acheiving over the last year; dynamics, good perspective, clean lines. I mean, I really hope he really likes it and isn't just saying so because I KNOW I've done better work and could probably do better given the time. But every artist is their own worst critic.

Not much more to say, really. I'm excited for the end of June, get to see both parents inside the same week, and a grandma, so that's cool. Going to Willie Nelson's 4th of July picnic/celebration and Sea World which should be just loads of fun. I will be wearing my cowboy hat to one if not both of these events.

Also, if anyone reads Fark.com keep an eye out for some Austin headlines. I've been trying like mad to get something from Austin American Statesmen in there, but for the past month I've yet to get an article posted. Must brush up on my "funny." I was also thinking of a new superhero, his power is he has a perfect wit. He never stammers looking for words, he always has a come back or anecdote or biting reply and he rarely uses a tag line or comfort word. Just so none of you get any ideas, I'll call him Quintin Iver and he is ©2003 Ben Rollman. If I see a wordsmithee type super wit guy any time in the next 70 years I'll hunt ya down and marinate you in a nice chianti.

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