Still working on getting the old posts up in here. Today is Lil Miss Austin's Spring Fling at her school. It's for Easter, but we like to say it's a spring party. She'll actually celebrate Ostara which is the actual event. It's also the celebration all of Christianity used but called it Easter and it just so happened their messiah was brought back to life on that day. (On the spring festival? Right of spring? Fertility and new life and all that? Yes. Wow, how'd they swing that? I don't know, I guess they must have tried to kill off all the Pegans so they wouldn't be pissed about stealing all their stuff. Oh, cool thanks.)

Anyway, it also means we get a three day weekend. Well, Mrs. Austin doesn't, but the kid and I do. I was hoping for some Me time to get some drawing done, but I can deal. Brother Austin is coming over and we're also doing a Murder Party tomorrow night, that should prove to be fun. They always are, drinking and laughing and shouting at the top of our lungs that so-and-so is actually the killer.

Still no solid birthday plans, but I hope to rectify that this weekend.

I also got a new camera and will be putting up more photos of the soon to be 2 year old in all her cuteness. And I don't care what the Gap talent search said, she's The Cutest.

Lil Miss Austin also has a new favorite movie: Dinosaur. We've had it since she was really little. We liked it in the theater so we bought it on DVD and she really never got into it when she was smaller. Lately thought she's been sitting with me and watching the Discovery Channel and really likes when they do Paleontology programs. She's also fond of the giant green godzilla on the Mangia Pizza truck we pass by on our way to school. So I figured I'd put in the DVD to test my new surround sound setup. Man, she freaked. It was the coolest thing she's seen since we got her that giant plush Elmo a year or so ago. Now you can forget Wiggles, Rollie Pollie Ollie, Spongebob, Elmo. She wants to watch Dinosaur.

Gotta love it.

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