Lil Miss Austin got her first official hair cut for a kids' salon last night. She was wonderfully behaved and we have some pictures that I'll add later. Her hair was in her face but we didn't want to lose the lenght because, frankly, she has gorgeous hair. The place had merry-go-round style horses and cars for kids to sit on as well as a video screen in front of each playing cartoons. So she sat quietly watching Lilo & Stitch while Yvonne (I think) made short work of her 2 year old locks.

Mrs. Austin of course kept the hair and almost cried when they filled out a little certificate recording for history the First Haircut. It was neat.

There was a little Indian boy there with his parents and we saw something very interesting. The kid had thick curly groovy hair (he was about 18-24 months) and the parents had his head SHAVED!! We were shocked. The stylists explained that they do this all the time for Indian families. It's apparently a tradition that they'll take the first hair cut hair and send to to the country of their origin and the family will use it in a prayer service which ensures long, thick, strong hair for their remaining lives. I plan on doing some research on this, but it seems odd that they cut hair to ensure they have nice hair. Kid looked a little odd bald.

Mrs. Austin said she'd divorce me if I did that to our girl. One thing to note, even though she was a perfect angel throughout, it's hard to remember sometimes that she's just a kid.

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