Blogger support is non-existant. If you know ANYTHING about archiving with them, drop us a line would you? Even posts that are done here aren't being saved correctly. It's getting tiresome, but it's hard to argue with Free. I guess if I wanted to bitch, I'd pay for Moveable Type and set it up myself. Ah, where does the time go.

Lil Miss Austin is really coming along in the cognitive arena. Last weekend we were going to go outside to a pond, look for some ducks to feed. Mrs. Austin decided that the kid needed a nap first. She would say, "If you take a nap now, when you wake up we'll go Bye Bye." Now, we've tried this reasoning in the past, but a 18 month old brain just doesn't wrap around If, When, Later, Goto, Select*From....wait, that's different. Well anyway, she doesn't know bargaining or bribing. "You can go outside if you eat your asparagus." Well, Sunday she took her nap, we watched a movie and when she woke up, instead of crying or calling out she said, "I'm awake. Go Bye Bye now." This was two hours and several R.E.M. cycles later that she remembered what we told her. It was endearing and amazing at the same time. She's starting to develop temporal awareness and it's probably the most useful ability next to walking and talking I think she can get. Understanding what later is, or what happened yesterday is just monumental. Cats and dogs can walk and communicate, but they don't understand what it means to do something 'after' or 'before.' I'm quite happy with our little prodigy.

We also spent a good chunk o' bread at the party store getting several trinkets for her birthday, and event she probably won't remember regardless if she is developing that frontal lobe. All I did was pull the cart up to the Spongebob section and proceded to pick one of each. We've even got a pinata for Cripe's Sake. I plan on video taping an adult getting nutmeged with a stick so I can win 10gs from Bob Sagat.