Should old acquaintance be forgot...

Hey! Happy New Year! Goodbye 2002. I can't say last year was a bad year at all. It's come to my attention that this page is actually read by some people so a partial resolution this year will be to keep it updated. We will probably be spending some loot to host it somewhere so we can put up as many pictures as possible.

A lot of good things happened and very few bad things happened. It was the Even Steven Palindrome Year. 2003 looks to be just as promising. Rowan will officially be 2 in 5 months, although she's acting like a 2 year old now. We cleaned up our backyard after a few weeks (months) of neglect and were pretty impressed that she was able to climb up and slide down the slide her self. She also loves swinging but isn't tall enough or spatially aware enough to pump her legs. She smiles and says "wow" all the same.

Last weekend, a friend of mine brought his kid over for a play date. He needed ot give his wife a break from all the holiday hosting she had done so the two of them came over for some good ol' fashion playing with blocks. We actually watched some Wiggles and went to the park as well. This kid, Noah, just turned 3 and it's amazing how much a year difference makes. He responds to requests with actual words, he knows songs word for word, he knows how to ask for things. Just a year younger, Rowan is still in the low double digit vocabulary, cries rather than asks for things and still talks gibberish. It's conversational gibberish, so don't get me wrong. Maybe I need to take a correspondence course.

Another things I'm waiting for is attitude, personality. I know its there and perhaps I can't see it. We have another friend who's 3 year old is just a little bad-ass. He's always sort of calm and aloof and then every one in a while will go completely wacko and start talking nonsense. It's like Jack Nicholson as a tyke. I know Rowan is a happy kid; cheerful, gregarious, and always laughing. But I had always thought that all kids were like that. I'm coming to find out that they're not. A lot of kids are more mellow and even tempered (relatively speaking, not even tempered like you and me.) I expect that Rowan's personality at this stage is a good blend of her parents. She's got my childlike fascination with the world and social prescence and Cheryl's love of life and willingness to just laugh out loud. It's better than other trait mixes I'm sure.

I'm eager for her to grow up so I can see who she'll be.

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