It's notepad time.

Seriously, I need to write down the ideas I have at 11 o'clock at night so this page doesn't start filling up with blathering rants on how wicked cool my kid is compared to the rest of the world. Luckily I had some backup in the form of The Haircut.

Rowan got her first haircut about a week ago. She was constanly pushing her hair out of her face AND trying to avoid all hair clips, bobs, pins, crimps, scrunchies and barrets. Her state of bliss seemed to come with wearing this striped knit cap and we just couldn't let her go around like that in public without making up some excuse about how her patriarcal DNA was to blame and we're hoping she can lead a normal life. So we got a few snips in while Spongebob was on.

We were both a little leary about it, although it was Cheryl doing the cutting while I sat acting very partisan to the whole episode. Contrary to what I thought, she didn't care much about the whole business. She's pretty hip on washing her own face and hands, helping getting dressed, and holding still while you put her hair up, so this probably didn't seem like the catastrophe we'd thought it would be. I was prepared for screaming and running with scissors while we tried to convince her that it wouldn't hurt (much like those shots at the doctors, which do hurt, so I can see her point) but that never happened. In the end, it took about 30 mins to make 2 cuts. Cheryl was more freaked out that Rowan was. Very gunshy about making her child look like Boo Radley, I can also see her point. My artistic sense would have kept me snipping until it was straight, and having never cut a toddlers hair, would have resulting in a bald girl, eek.

As you can see it didn't turn out bad at all. In fact, where before, her in pigtails was merely adorable, it's now severe enough to rule the world. Seriously, it's cute as shit and I'm not afraid to say it. It's also a sad day, like most are with a fledgling human on board. This is just another sign that she's not a baby, another milestone on her way to independent person. Cheryl wants her hair to be long, like her mother's. She's got a good genetic combination for some killer strands, so we'll see if the Crystal Gayle approach yeilds fruit or not.

On a developmental note, let's just say sometimes I wish she was confined to a bouncy chair again. Lately, we've become the bouncy chairs and it's anothe reason my parents are loving hearing about it. I'll try to remember what it was I was going to write for real and get to it later.

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