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This weekend was full of events. First, TG and I got to take in a viewing of Cirque du Soleil - Allegria. It was a great show, do try to go if you get the chance. I was talking to Ms. A about it and she took LMA to see it later in the weekend and we both agreed that it seemed shorter than the previous time we saw it.

It was at the Cedar Park Event Center, home of the AHL Texas Stars. It's a nice, almost cozy venue and there were really no bad seats. Our only complaint was that Community Coffee is one of the sponsors and they don't have a coffee bar. The coffee you get is from any of the concession stands and it's just from a dispenser. Kind of a let down, especially considering CC's posters and banners and such are all over the place. I joked that Austin Community College was a sponsor too, didn't mean I could take a class while I was there.

I tried to study a little on Saturday but that didn't work out. We spent most of the day at the Women in Engineering Program's event Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day or just Girl Day. It was at the UT school of engineering and they had several buildings set up for events designed for girls ages 6 through 12. It was mostly hands on, thought a few were just displays with explanations. Little Miss Austin had a lovely time. As with most events like this, she now wants to be an engineer and build robots. If we take her to a home and garden expo next week she'll want to be a landscaper. I'm pushing hard for math and science and engineering because it involves robots.

That night was a birthday party for TG'm roommate. It was sci-fi themed so I went as Arthur Dent (easy costume) and TG was a certain fanboy dream come true. (Take a guess.) It was fun and graciously not too late.

Sunday Ms. A took LMA to Allegria while G-man and I went to Chuck E. Cheese. He played and I read Ethics. (Yes, I can focus while I'm there, it's really odd.) We all came home and had a nice family dinner of lasagna, some specially made for Ms. LA who had seconds. It was the first time any of us had seen her eat seconds. For those that don't know, if she turned sideways, Ms. LA would disappear. She's about 5'2" and weighs maybe 90lbs soaking wet. It was a small victory for Ms. A to make food she liked so much.

And then we watched Olympics. NBC upset me a little with it's non-coverage of hockey. We record the prime time show and I should have known hockey was going to end up on MSNBC or something. But unless you're a die hard Olympic fan, you're not going to pay real close attention to the schedule and after a week it just got away from us. Subsequently we watched Ice Dancing most of the night until they cut away to 20 seconds left in the 5-3 US victory over Canada. Stupid NBC.

That's all for now. I have a study a lot this week again. My first test in Ethic is Friday. So far in History I have two A's so I'm confident I'll do well.

Carry on.

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