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Lil Miss Austin has officially graduated to third grade. Yesterday was their awards ceremony and today is the first day of summer break. She received several awards (as most precious snowflakes do nowadays) but singularly she received a Literary Academic award for being the best writer, poet and storyteller in her class. She's also on the Honor Roll and received straight A's.

And for the next three months it's all going to ooze out of her brain like melted cheese.

The BGF has made a few friends over the last year, a few of which have kids so there will likely be a lot of time spent with these folks or at least days when LMA and her brother are either away at a friend's house or entertaining at ours. Now that we've discovered roller skating, I might get her a pair of skates and go with her around the neighborhood. Plus there's swimming and fishing and sleeping late and watching cartoons...

...it sucks being a grown up.

Also momentous is Miss LA's family being in town for the weekend. Their youngest is in Austin to see a concert so they paid us a visit last night and we had fun eating vegetarian TexMex, drinking and playing Apples to Apples. Ms. A and Miss LA got more of a commitment out of the parents to attend their ceremony/party on New Years. They are very Catholic (she was raised as such) and so ideologically this is very hard for them. But the most important thing is that their daughter is happy and to that end they agreed to at least try to attend and raise a glass in celebration.

If you're in Austin and you want a good show, come by our house while these two are making dinner. It's cute to watch them fight about who's making drinks, who needs to stop cleaning and who's family is crazier. I need to film it and possibly pitch the entire house as either a reality show or at least a family research institute.

Happy Friday y'all.

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