Reviews: Fringe & Dollhouse

Yep, these shows ended about a month ago, but TVZ has finally run the reviews I wrote for them. Now that we're knee deep in summer TV watching, I'm hoping nothing major starts and I have more time to be with my kids, do some drawing, muck around with Lego and see some movies.

I'm still stinging about Fox deciding Dollhouse was a better product than Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles, especially seeing how much flak the movie received. It's not like I didn't like Dollhouse, it's that I thought the Terminator show was much better.

Still, Torchwood has a mini series out in mid July, The IT Crowd has another series out soon and there's a lot to catch up on over at Hulu. I'm also watching Battlestar: Galactica again from the beginning with a friend who's never seen the first couple seasons. It's fun and I forgot what a good show BS:G was even at the start.

Make sure to head over to TVZ, though, for more news, polls, reviews and commentary.

Carry on.

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