Steampunk Cylon Contest

Steampunk Cylon
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I wish there was a way to vote for this, I could drum up the tens of people who read this to cast their lot with my little design.

Alas, I'll leave it to the fine folk at DVICE to decide whose Steampunk Cylon is the best.

Thanks to Mrs. A for taking a couple of nice shots. I can now take him all apart and start building something new.

Spring break is winding down, my dad and step mom came for a visit and we went to SeaWorld and out to eat a lot and to the capitol building. They're heading back today but the week's not close to over.

Ms. A is completely enamored with SXSW and will likely spend a good part of the weekend finding free shows and drinking free beer. She got a migraine from some edamame so that plan may be in question. However, SXSW is just tying up all of Austin whether you go or not.

I've got a wristband for some free shows but I'm not even sure when I'm going to go, or even if I want to. I'm not a fan of festivals and Ms. A and I came to the conclusion that this event is primarily a trust baby or music industry pleb scene. Even music fans who try to go to this event will not be able to see everything they want, even if they could afford to get into the official shows.

I don't want to down play this too much. It's good for musicians trying to get some fans and it's decent for the Austin economy to have this influx of people. I know not everyone is a fan of this event, seeing it as a big shadow over the city. There's a lot to Austin and this event makes everyone in the country think that all there is to our city is music festivals. Yes, Austin is the Live Music Capital of the World, but it's also the capital city of Texas, a very liberal oasis in a normally conservative state, a great place for arts in general and a good place for those who like being outdoors. I actually can't wait for it to be over.

But that's just me. I watch TV and play with markers and Lego.

Carry on.

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