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Dollhouse 1.5 "True Believer"

"True Believer" might have me being a believer in this show.

The Dollhouse has a major client in a US Senator. He needs help getting inside a Yearning for Zion like religious cult compound. He enlists the help of Miss DeWitt and her organization to insert a sleeper agent into the community; and agent with a very special ability: Her sight is transmitted to federal agents.

The problem is, it renders her blind.

A group of singing, smiling cultist arrive by white bus to pick up some supplies from the local five and dime and a mechanic tries to pick a fight with one of them. They keep smiling and eventually the sheriff comes in to restore the peace. However, the store keeps looks at the back of the shopping list they gave him and on the back is written "save me."

Star Wars: The Clone Wars 1.21 "Liberty on Ryloth"

The penultimate episode and the final installment of the three part Ryloth arc gave us a lot to digest. The Ryloth story could have been told as a 90-120 minute film of its own, it's the perfect Star Wars type of story and it mirrors Return of the Jedi very closely. An evil group has taken up residence on an otherwise unassuming world and are using it for a military purpose. The good guys, in league with the local inhabitants, rise up and defeat the occupiers.

The difference here is the Rylothian Twi'leks are not cuddly teddy bears. They aren't exactly warriors, but they are able to hold their own against the droids. Mace Windu is leading an attack against the capitol city which is being held by Wat Tambor of the Techno Guild and his tactical droid second in command. Tambor's arrogance will not permit him to evacuate despite the droid's calculations and Count Dooku's insistence.

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