We're Moving!

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The BGF just got word last night that we'll be in our current abode at the Four Pines at Rollman Manor till the middle of the summer, at which point we'll be relocating. The current choices are The Single Tree Resort and Howdy Howdy Howdy Rock Garden Hotel and Casino.

On the upside, the BGF will be moving as a unit. This time we're going to try to get an extra room so that LMA and G-man have their own rooms, Ms. A and Miss LA have their own room and Your Truly and my excessively geeky trapping have our own room.

On the downside, we're moving. I don't like moving and the last time we did it I dropped a refrigerator on my leg - a hurt that still gives me problems when the cold winds blow off Lake Youraloser. But, we'll be forced to streamline, clean off detrius and unneeded materialism. Translation: We're throwing away a shit-ton of toys.

We're moving in July and were able to get a month to month lease with no raise in rent. We'll be staying in P-ville and the same school district so LMA doesn't move schools. We just need more space and while the house we're in is great and the area is great, we're just pushing saturation levels.

More to come.

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