Long Weekend

Hebert Family Rock Band
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I left work at around 1pm on Wednesday. I started drinking at 2pm. I didn't get drunk until last night at about 1am.

Now, I'm not saying I spent the Thanksgiving weekend with my veins hooked directly into a brewer's vat, but knowing we were going to have guests, we did spend quite a bit on various beers, wines and liquors. (Pronounced lic OOO rs.) Yet for some inexplicable reason, it wasn't until last night that the effects finally either caught up or my body decided it was done trying to fight it.

So what you see here is what we did all weekend. Ms. NOLA's family was in town and the Friday after Dia de los Gobble Gobble they came over for a few hours of TexMex breakfast tacos, Rock Band and a few card games. It was a brief visit but I gathered that they are fine folk and seemed very genuine and entertaining.

The weekend was capped by some flagged football, a viewing of Wall*E and a marathon of video game fake band-ness. RB2 comes out for the Wii in a couple weeks and I'm fairly excited as the songs we currently have are becoming annoying. I can only play "Say It Ain't So" a few million times before I lose the taste for all things tonal. The good news is, the RB2 Wii version will allow downloads so we can keep the library fresh. Ms. A found a new love for the game this weekend and made sure everyone within 100 yards knew it whether they wanted to or not.

Good times.

So it's back to work for a few weeks until another bit of time off for the Yuletide celebrations. I have a few drawings to get done too, start actually. See, I packed away most of my drawing stuff when I brought out the LEGO, so it's not like I can just quickly roll out a bunch of drawings. First thing's first, have to get X-mas cards done. I seem to start later and later each year, though last time I didn't get it done till the 12th. Let's see if I can beat that. If you'd like a card, let me know via the electronic mailing transit exchange links and I'll make sure to send one off through ye olde fashion postal service.

No I didn't go to Target to get that Star Destroyer...and now I hate myself a little.


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