CD Exchange Club

An online friend has suggested doing a good ol' fashioned CD exchange, tentatively called the Music Awakening. Remember making mix tapes for people back in the day? That's the idea only with CDs.

Yes with sites like Slacker and Pandora you can get a mix of music on demand, but unless you're crafty, you can't play them in your car or keep them once you hear them. Plus, I like seeing what people put together, it gives a little insight into them as a person. And if you're lucky they'll dress it up with cover art and inserts and lyrics. At the very least you'll get some new music.

We're not sure how to handle it yet, maybe a monthly theme or just a monthly track list and anyone who messages you can ask for a copy. Or maybe a monthly or bi-weekly pairing where two people just trade mixes.

It's still in the works, but if you're interested, come find me on twitter...


Or the fab dame who started the idea...



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