Wrapping It Up

Summer is about over for the Pfolks in Pflugerville. Ms. A's work with the photo company is coming to an end so she's looking for employment elsewhere. LMA will be starting school in about two weeks and G-man will likely go into day care for at least half day. He needs friends his own age and size. It's been a good run for him at home and Ms. A has done great with him and has loved being home with him, but it's time for him to make little people friends and get started learning.

I didn't have a summer. Like most grups, I worked. I worked hard this summer and it sucked. Since May, every day ended by saying, "Ah crap, I didn't get everything done today." I haven't had that before. And it's not like there's more work to do, but somehow I've actually wanted to get the work done sooner. I think I've lost my mind. I need a vacation that doesn't involved taking the kids to Colorado. (Sorry mom and dad, those aren't vacations for me. They're babysitting my own kids in a different place. Love you guys to death, and we will visit, but nobody better call that a vacation.)

Still, the summer isn't completely over if you can still go fishing. Ms. A's been taking LMA to P-ville lake to go fish. For whatever reason, Ms. A's picked this up this year. Just when I think there's nothing new left to discover about her, she surprises me with this crap. I know her dad fishes a lot and she's gone with him a few times. I think that's what's causing it. I haven't gone yet. I fished a bit as a kid and just don't have a desire to now unless I'm camping by a lake and have a day to kill. So today, the kids went and each caught their first fish! I think G-man caught three. How cool is that?

(FYI, no one's going to eat these fish. Ms. A has a drying out/ink project she wants to try.)

The kids seem to love it and Ms. A gets positively shouty when they catch something. It's a nice cheap activity and it gets everyone out of the house.

Just a reminder I have some shirts for sale. Some new ones lately so get them before they get taken down for whatever intellectual rights reasons they might be infringing upon.

Also, I have another Charlie Jade review up. Television Zombies has a few other items reviewed and recapped as well, plus their one year anniversary show, in which you'll hear me and other TVZ contributors, should be up as soon as the editing is done. Stay tuned to that!

Carry on.

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