Another Year, Another Pack of Supplies

The long walk to school
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It's that time of year again. Time for Ms. A to spend the morning in tears as her baby goes off to school.

Lil Miss Austin started second grade today - same school and a few of the same friends. The whole family went to see her off after a nice breakfast of waffles. I can understand Ms. A's emotions but I'm the opposite. I'm excited for LMA to be going back because I'D be excited to go back. Think about it; new supplies, new clothes, new friends and during an 8 hour day you get to eat lunch with people you like, run around outside, learn new things about math and history, maybe play with an animal. Who wouldn't want that?

So I'm excited for her.

Besides that, I apologize to the readers for not writing in so long. To use the tired excuse that life is crazy right now is both an offense to language and an insult to the obvious. Ms. A now works for four news papers and a couple of them she's actually doing reporting. It's funny to watch her try to write about sports since she's not a sports person. I keep offering to help but she requires journalistic integrity apparently.

The 100AP is in full swing again and I'm spending a lot of time promoting that, finding ways to promote it and changing things on the various sites. I haven't drawn so much as doodle in weeks and I'm starting to wonder if I ever will again. I had a robot a week distraction with an online acquaintance and that lasted 1 week for me. I've told Ms. A this, I'm in a funk. I'm a bit lonely and blue and I don't have a lot of outlets or people to talk to who are close.

Eh, pity party. And those get old, don't they?

Ms. A's having problems of her own, but I won't go into them here. You can read all about them in the autobiography she's currently writing. There's bound to be spills, chills, thrills, pills and ills a plenty. Let's just hope she doesn't have to write about that time she played any sports, might trip her up.

Cars are becoming a problem, back door shattered for some reason we're not sure of, got bit by fire ants and jammed my finger playing ball. Broke as folk but otherwise doing ok. Just a suck of a summer in an otherwise lame year. Hoping it gets better, hoping I have something better to write about next time.

Oh, my brother is at the DNC this week. We hates him, tricksy he is.

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