Everyday Italian

I officially have a celebrity crush.

This afternoon I'm working on a flushmount for Mrs. A and I have the TV on in the background as noise. I'm particular about background noise. It can't be insipid but it also can't be something I've already seen. This usually leaves out everything but the smart channels; TLC, The Science Channel, The History Channel, etc. How I ended up on the Food Network is anyone's guess, but the title "Everyday Italian" piqued my curiosity.

Man what a delight it turned out to be. First off, I got some great ideas for cooking some lamb and prosciutto hamburgers (I'm sure a vegetarian version, right?) and a way to make a nice cappuccino and chocolate drink. But most of the time I was gawking at the host.

Ah, Giada de Laurentiis, where have you been all my life. Oh right, Italy and California. Anyway, between the glittering white smile and the implied aroma of Italian cuisine, I didn't get any work done for about a half hour. Never has anyone made pea soup look so good to make and eat.

We all get a celebrity crush. I don't know why, but we all get one. I also don't know why I stumbled onto this one. Oh but a 4th generation Italian can dream, can't he? And can those dreams have extra virgin olive oil and a bit of thick cream?


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