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So this weekend I was able to take part in a neat MeetUp.com group. I've decided I need to get out and meet more people and I figure naked people, drawing and booze is just the way to do it.

Dr. Sketchy started in NY as a way to combine burlesque and art school...naturally. After a while the idea caught on and there are now (officially) 18 of them world wide. It's pretty cool that one happens to be in Austin, but then again, why wouldn't there be?

The photo was from a previous event, the ones from Saturday aren't up yet and my sketches are too light to scan. I'd forgot my B pencils and ended up using a bunch of #2s I'd brought as back up. But I was able to reserve a table instead of a chair and passed the time drinking ciders and drawing, not a bad evening.

The models are culled from the counter culture scene and so far have included roller derby girls, burlesque performers and punk front men. The organizer, Miss Dee, also puts on some costumes - or most of a costume - and poses as well. There are also contests during the drawing which you have to incorporate something into a drawing (last time it was money.) Then at the end of the night the MC, the models and the bartender pick their favorite and the artists win prizes.

Aside from that it's typical life drawing with a model; 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 minute poses with breaks every hour. There was 80's music playing, it was fun.

The low point for me was hanging around after the drawing was done. I thought surely since this was a Meet Up group that there would be people wanting to do stuff after the event. Austin City Limits was going on, it was only 8pm on a Saturday, surely people were considering taking the party elsewhere.

Well I'd never know. As I was waiting to see who won the prizes - it wasn't me, not even close, there was some fantastic work done - I was approached by one of the hostesses of the event. She sidled up to me and asked if I had a good time and introduced herself. We chatted for a bit, she being engaging and bright, me being sluggish and dim. She mentioned that they would keep any art people wanted to donate for an art show they'd be doing in a month. So I said I'd leave something.

Then something happened that I'm not used to: I think there was flirting.

She asked if I had plans afterwards and I said no. She said she had tickets to a show (a band I'd never heard of and was probably too cool for me) but thought she should eat first. I agreed that I hadn't eaten and it would probably be a good idea....and then it was all pops and buzzes and the next thing I knew I was walking to my car.

Now, I've been out of the game a while so I'm not sure if she was being polite or coy. It was an event meant to get people together, have fun, mingle, etc. But then again, she was helping with lights, collecting artwork, she was probably just being a good host. I have a feeling that's the case, mainly because she was hot and charming and I'm...well...me.

There'll be another one in October, these are monthly. I'm sure there will some semi-nude ghouls to draw. Should be fun.

New strip up Tuesday.

Carry on.

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