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Hoo rah!

Mrs. A got a contract with the United States Marine Corps to be the photographer at their annual ball. Huge news for us as this could lead to many similar contracts either with them or other institutions. She sold them on her proposal, with a little flirting and drinking, and now we have a month to get ready for possibly the biggest event her business has seen.

Yay for Mrs. A!

In other news, Yogi has a few words under his belt. Bah-bi (baby,) sheo (shoe,) he-oh (hello,) bye-bye, no (of course,) muh (milk and more,) and believe it or not alright, which sounds like ah rye. Uncle Austin should appreciate that (Quagmire.)

Also, I need to find this information, someone help me. Why is it you can get a money order from a grocery store or gas station for 69¢ but at a bank where you have an account it costs $5? Does that seem right? I would think banks would offer free MOs if you had an account with them, or want to compete to get business with non-account holders by offering cheaper MOs than the local grocer. Just seems retarded.

Anyway, that's what's going on. Mrs. A and I saw Ballet Austin/Austin Lyric Opera and Austin Symphony Orchestra's presentation of Carmina Burana last night. If you don't recognize the name, you'll recognize the opening and closing movements O Fortuna, Google it. If you've ever seen a movie preview or a promo for HBO about 5 years ago you'll know what it is. It's a terribly catchy and moving piece and little wonder Carl Orff's musical score to the Johann Andreas Schmeller poetry is one of the best known musical scores in the world. It just begs for applause at the end and evokes serious emotional responses.

Makes me think of Die Hard even though that was Ode To Joy. Also makes me think of Williams' Duel of the Fates from the latest Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. My guess is he was heavily influence (Williams, influenced? Shut up!) by both pieces.

Anyway, Mrs. A is shocked I enjoyed it as much as I did. Me, the guy who played Simon in Jesus Christ Superstar and Sebastian in Twelfth Knight. I enjoy theater and dance and music. I think I enjoyed seeing little kids choir on stage at the curtain call a little too much. I think I actually shouted "Yay little kids!"

Anyway, no luck on the job front yet. Hopefully that changes soon. I keep hitting any job that I even romotely qualify for, none of which has resulted in any bites. I've had two hits so far for graphic arts positions saying they either filled it or I didn't make the cut this time but they'd keep me on file.

So, that's all this time. Carry on.

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