This old house.

Well, it's been over a week since the move and things are progressing better than the cable installation fiasco belied. We're finding that things in the new place just seem to fit. Weird objects, previously under appreciated photos, junk, tools, knick-knacks, rugs, they all seem to have a home.

I mentioned I was going to count outlets and light switches, and I will do so. It's hard to be taken seriously by Mrs. A while walking around with a notepad making tally marks every 10 feet. She knows what I'm doing and it's frankly embarrassing for both of us, so I try to do it when no one's around.

37 power outlets on the first floor, not counting the garage or outside.

The photo staircase project is at an end. We had some 60+ black and white 5x7's that needed to be hung and hang them we did. Mrs. A did most of it, I was brought in for the top row. It's a stunning display.

I also got some chairs for the "media room" or "tv room" or whatever we're going to call it. They're red. Yeah I know, red furniture. Well poo poo convention, I say. Live large, live bold, buy red chairs. Mrs. A gave me free reign to furnish that room and I wanted something different. It'd mod, baby. It'll go great with my pinstripe suit and mascara. (Ok, too much Velvet Goldmine.)

We also got a dog house for Chimaera, after two horrendous rain storms. We're such good owners.

We also wadded through the morass that is the Home Owners Association documentation; a three ring binder divided into roughly 12 categories totaling over 500 pages. Most of it talked about who does what and where the money goes and office hours and locations and stuff. We were worried about the restrictions. Man, this reads like a manifesto of Eastern European origin. I realize it's just to cover basis and if you don't like it, you can leave, but man, they're talking about lawns in inches and hedges to exceed certain heights and you have to get approval to plant a tree and playscapes or trampolines must not be seen from the street and you can't leave a car on the road for more than 24 hours and on and on. Don't get me wrong, it's a lovely street and I'm sure the neighbors are nice (we met one already, he seemed...excited) but when I was cutting the grass yesterday I felt like people were looking out their windows wondering why on Earth I hadn't hired a service.

But, no Tejano music at 1am, so that's good.

Oh, if anyone is good with Audio Video stuff, like specific hookups given a fixed number of components in order to make certain functions available, give me a shout. The red chair room is alive with cables.

This week is also Chicago, so we'll have pictures and such from the convention as well as surrounding attractions if time permits.

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