It's alive! IT'S ALI-IVE!

Our web sites are back up. We ended up not needing the Call-a-Nerd service and they didn't call us back after the first visit anyway. Between myself, Mrs. A and Mr. IG, we got it up and running. We even got the new laptop into the mix. Both sites are up, all machines are up and current. The office itself is shaping up nicely.

I'm going to try and learn myself some database functionality and maybe some ASP or PHP so I can set up a message board for my little book. It'll be dead for the next year, I'm sure, but it'll give me a place to post updates, art and what not. Yeah, I have a Live Journal account and this place and the site to post artwork, but I'm thinking I'd like something where people can talk to me about the story specifically and not just wait to see a new post about it. Plus it'll help me learn some technical skills I can use on my job.

Yeah, that's it.

I saw a thing on TV today about The Passout Game. Apparently a boy was found dead, hanging from a tree after doing this. For those not in the know, this "game" is a childhood activity in where you basically strangle yourself or otherwise cut off oxygen to your brain until you passout. When you come to, you get a small rush and tingle.

So I was watching this and I told my coworker that I had done this as a kid and I thought everyone did it. Turns out, according to law enforcement, it's something today's parents may not be aware of. I'm going to call bullshit on that. I think as soon as you find out that you can do this as a kid, you try it. And since there have been kids around for, um, ever, it's been pretty common. I also think you grow out of it pretty quickly, but that may just be my experience with it.

I haven't done crack or meth or coke, but I have held my breath until I passed out and then come back with a bit of euphoria. I remember several instances where I did it standing up holding onto the bathroom sink only to have crumpled up and hit my head as I fell.

Now, I don't think I'm a deviant because of this, but honestly, it may be why I'm not an Ivy League graduate, or why I didn't relate the gymnastic move the cartwheel with an actual cart wheel, or any number of similar intellectual faux pas.

I just think it's funny that the media has glommed onto this. Yes it's sad and dangerous, but this coming from the same people that gave us "Paris to dump her dog." Aren't there any real stories out anymore? I was waiting for the Shark Attack Summer, but I guess I'll settle for "Shit parents did as kids and are now shocked their kids are doing it."

Yeah, don't hold yer breath.

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