In a single moment, a plate shifted and jumped. Moments later a wave was born. This wave raced and spread. There was little warning and no time. Planet Earth has lost, as of now, 0.00002% of it's people. Some islands have lost their entire population.

I know you've read it. I know you know the stories. This isn't an NPR pledge drive. This is what you do as a citizen of Earth. Help its people.

Now, I've heard that it provides faster relief to donate to the International Red Cross rather than the American Red Cross but the ARC said they would be as seemless as possible to get the money to the places that need it.

Either way, give something. Don't give coats or blankets or food, we can't possibly know what these people need. Let those who know how to handle this make the choice for you, but make sure they're funded. Donate. The world helped America's people after September 11th, make sure they don't regret their decision.

Donate American Red Cross

Donate ICRC

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