Freeze Frame!

Sort of belated news. Mrs. Austin got her mailers out and has already received a few calls for weddings. She's also going in to talk with the Austin American Statesman for freelance work.

For those just joining us, Mrs. Austin quit her job at "Swell" Computer Corp. to be with a sick little Mini Mr. Austin after he was born. A few months ago she decided to pursue her interest in photography by signing up to do freelance work with several local and state magazine/newspapers. She also registered to host a booth at the up coming Austin Bridal Expo in January. That was accompanied by a list of people registered to get marraige licenses to whom she sent mailers.

I'm very psyched for her and a little melancholy. She's done in 6 months what I've been trying to do for years. Admittedly she only has to rely on herself where as I would require at least 3 other people. Also, she has a ton of gumption and aggressive marketing and networking skills that I don't have. She's done a lot of work and has sacrificed a lot to make this work.

So her first call came the day after she sent out her mailers. The wedding isn't until August, but still, some up front or payment plan means our babies can eat. Yee haw. She got another call that night.

I'm doing my bit to help out. I've successfully not set up her website, but I have designed her ad. The website thing is killing me. I spent the last week messing with this machine that didn't like me downgrading the operating system. Then she sprung the "this email has to work by tomorrow" card which sent me into a panic. I haven't felt like that since college when I knew a report was due the next day. So far it's all come together and she now is able to do what she likes to do.

The hope is to get X amount of bookings by January or she goes back to Swell Computers. Before you send any hate mail (you two) this was something we came up with together. I was all for her sticking it out until she turned the corner into the black, but she had some practical arguements that I had to agree with. So, if you have an upcoming wedding, or know anyone who does in the Austin area (or even Dallas/Houston/San Antonio) don't hesitate to email her and set up and appointment or ask questions.

The site should be up shortly, so you can check back soon to get the info.


Pilgrim isn't sleeping. I think he's teething now, it's about that time. Lil Miss Austin started up right about 6 months. Actually she had a couple chompers by 5 months, then nothing else for a long time.

We also finally gave up the guest room. Pilgrim finally got the British Indies room and I'm sure LMA can now sleep peacefully knowing her little brother isn't going to scream at 11, 2, 4:30 and 6. (Six months, shouldn't he be sleeping through the night by now?)

That's all we have going on right now. No plans for Christmas/Yule other than sending out cards and pictures. Have to get up those damnable lights.

(some cute pics coming soon.)

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